Since the early stages of the film The Great Australian Bight Alliance along with The Wilderness Society and Peter Owen has shown incredible support to Crude Expectations in providing access to their events across Australia and Norway, interviews, resources, and archival footage. We got to be a part of their community as they fight their fight for the preservation of the Great Australian Bight taking the film to a new level by their partership.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior is an icon ship and a representation of a movement that has been roaming the oceans since 1985, looking out for the safety and security of the marine ecosystems all across the world. Our partnership with Greenpeace is looking to bring more unique footage of the underwater world of the Great Australian Bight as well as hearing more about the history of Greenpeace's presence in the area fighting for its protection.

Ocean Imaging are a creative collective of freelance videographers across Australia, filming remote and wild locations to share with the world. In July 2020 Crude Expectations has formed a partnership with the company to showcase the beauty of the Great Australian Bight through using some of the spectacular footage as a part of the campaign and the film.